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Mineral Exploration

Vajra is in the process of obtaining mineral concessions from various states of the Indian Union for a varied mineral portfolio. The focus will be on tapping the natural resources that have attracted least attention but have immense potential.

Traditionally the State Agencies like GSI, MECL, and the State Directorates of Geology focussed on very few minerals. While GSI did quite a lot of exploratory work, given its charter, the focus was never on taking a mineral discovery to the commercial level. GSI's approach has all along been on scientific lines rather than on commercial lines.

The private sector enterprises, MNCs and home grown, that entered the exploration arena in the mid 1990's focussed heavily on exploration for minerals like Gold, Diamond, Copper, Lead, Zinc and very little work was done in respect of other minerals. While some work has been done on beach sands, there is a vast potential in that area too given the long coast line that India is endowed with.

Apart from its proprietary exploration and prospecting activities, Vajra will also undertake exploration and prospecting jobs for others leveraging its domain knowledge, network and contacts in the industry.

Mineral Extraction and Processing

Vajra's activities in this domain can be divided into sub-categories:

1. Progression of explored prospects into mineral resource / reserve blocks and extraction and processing of the mineral from such blocks. In essence, this covers the entire chain of discovery, development, production and processing.

2. Acquisition from the State readily mineable blocks and extraction and processing of the mineral from such blocks.

3. Acquisition of Mining Leases from private holders of such leases and extraction and processing of the mineral from such blocks.

4. Operation of third party leases on joint venture - production sharing or realised value sharing.

5. Operation of third party leases on contract raising basis - the essence of the operation will be contract mining and processing for a per tonne compensation without any share in the product or the realised value.

Mineral Marketing

Vajra will market not only products from its own resource blocks but also those products outsourced from other concession holders and traders.

Vajra will also be undertaking logistics and shipping activities.

Mineral Resources Advisory

Vajra will work for existing and prospective players in the natural resources sector as external advisors and facilitators. The range of services that Vajra could render include, inter alia, the following:

1. Interacting, on behalf of the advised entity, with senior officials and authorities of the State and Central Governments in the Mines, Forest and Environment departments for the clearance of its proposals / approvals including TWPs, working permissions etc.

2. Being available over phone to the advised entity for oral consultations;

3. Advising on the possible courses of action in matters concerning grants of mineral concessions and in the disputes related thereto;

4. Advising on the possible courses of action in matters concerning disputes relating to operating / existing mineral concessions;

5. Drafting communications to authorities in the above matters;

6. Briefing advocates / senior counsel on advised entity's pending and future litigation;

7. Advising on litigation strategy;

8. Drafting of petitions and appeals and interacting with the advised entity's advocates and senior counsel for their settlement;

9. Being available to the advised entity for personal consultations in times of critical needs;

10. Informing the advised entity of any important developments that come to Vajra's notice and which are considered of consequence to the advised entity and advising it on further steps to be taken to protect / enhance its interests.

11. Participation in due diligence exercises undertaken by the advised entity for acquisition of mineral properties.

12. Any other services mutually agreed upon.