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Partner Joins Vajra

KRM Reddy and GVSB Reddy have been associated with the corporate sector in various capacities. Their latest employment has been with MSPL Limited of the Baldota Group at the level of Vice Presidents.

KRM Reddy, MSW and Law Graduate and holder of qualifications in PR, IR and Personnel Management, has over 25 years' experience in the fields, inter alia, of Legal, Liaison, Media and Public Relations, Corporate Affairs and Corporate Strategy. He has recently been inducted in to the Public Relations Council of India Hall of Fame.

GVSB Reddy, B. Com MBA, has nearly 20 years' experience in the Cement and Mineral Resources industries. He has handled accounting and finance, taxation, commercial, legal, resource evaluation and acquisition and corporate strategy as well as mineral policy and legislation issues.

Together, they acted as their employer's bulwark and have been instrumental in raising its profile further.


Vajra is mentored and guided by a small group of vastly experienced professionals in the areas of earth sciences, natural resources business, finance, law, marketing, shipping and logistics, information technology and in the industry bodies.

Their sole aim to see that Vajra prospers and with it the objects that Vajra seeks to achieve.